Oh, Those City Lights

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I have no idea when it happened. It sort of grew on me without my knowing, taking over my heart, but suddenly the country life held so much appeal. Every time I have to leave, a piece of my heart cries out no!

I'm tired of living in the city. The traffic, the noise and the constant anger issues that people in the city seem to yell out when driving. Never has a small little village or suburb looked more appealing than now.

I'm just plain tired. It seems the older I become, the less noise I like in my life. Noise comes in many different sizes and from different directions. I'm looking for peace and harmony, not more of noise.

I'm so tired of watching and hearing people being disrespectful to one another. It happens on the road. It happens in the stores. It happens in waiting lines. Why are we so mean to one another? The STOP signs in front of our apartment haven't helped much in us thinking differently. One day, there will be a huge blowout right outside our window, because of those STOP signs. 

The city life is more hectic, dramatic and fast paced. No one has the time to look at the sunrise or sunset, or to appreciate a walk in the neighborhood. Checking out the scenery is pretty low on the list. At one time, you couldn't get me to live anywhere else, but things change. I've changed. 

Maybe what I'm really looking for is a change. A change in lifestyle, work and home. It might be time to move on. 

Have a blessed day everyone.


  1. I know what you mean, Lottie. I just moved to a new apartment in the little town of Champaign. I think of it as little, but to the locals, this is a big city! It is a city but so much smaller than Chicago, it just doesn't seem like one to me! Much less traffic, slower pace of life. I was captured by the incredible beauty of the sunset two days ago, right outside my patio door! I am looking forward to watching the sunset from that spot, come this summer. Still lots of angry people, though! We still do live on planet earth! lol

    1. That sounds lovely Maureen. That's all I want is a cozy little spot with a beautiful scenic view where I can write.


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