The Glasses

                                                         Everyday is a bran new day,
                                                          everyday i8s a journey.

Weary of myself and sick of asking
What I am, and what I ought to be,
At the vessel's prow I stand, which bears me
Forward, forward, o'er the starlit sea

So I've been meaning to get new glasses for years and years now, always coming up with reasons why it cannot be this minute. I have a way of putting off anything to do with me as if my needs weren't as important as my families. All moms do that. 

I think it has to do more with making the time to go. We all know it will take time and that's something very precious to us all. To be more honest, I'm just lazy. I could be doing something a lot more fun. At least in my own crazy mind.

I'm always amazed at how expensive a pair of glasses can be. You would think one is buying a car or something vital like that. The styles change from year to year. Mine rarely have. I seem to stick to the same boring design that sorts of blends in with my face. No matter how many times I've said to myself that I would go bold and change my look, it's a lie. I always choose the same design and the same color. 

Well, I finally did it. Emily's glasses literally broke right in half and I thought that since I'm here, I might as well get mine. 

So here I am, my new glasses and I! Have a blessed day everyone.  


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