Understanding Ovarian Cancer

                                                                 Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                    everyday is a journey.

All common things, each day's events
That with the hour begin and end,
Our pleasures and our discontents
Are rounds by which we may ascend.

Boy, have I learned a lot in these past ten years in regards to my cancer! In all of this time, I've never gotten technical with my cancer. Rarely, will I post stories full of medical terminology that no one can understand. I know I don't want to read that kind of stuff.

Yet, I find myself thinking that others may not feel the same. Maybe, someone has a need to know, because they may be in that season where I was once.. . .searching. So this post is for you.

I have stage 3 ovarian cancer. My cancer is a re-occurring cancer which means it comes back after a time. It can come back in the same place or somewhere else. Mine always comes back in the same spot. My CA125 count is 5, which is fantastic! 

I didn't know all these things until much later when I found a website for cancer survivors. There, on that website, I found answers to questions I never asked! From that point on I became an informed patient. I took hold of my well-being and decided to do everything I possibly can to prolong my life. The quality of life.

That's why it's extremely important to work with your treatment team and healthcare professionals associated with your care. Remember it is very important to choose your doctor and hospital. Did you know that women with ovarian cancer who have their surgery for ovarian cancer done by a gynecologic oncologist have higher cure rates than women who have surgery by another type of doctor? 

I certainly didn't. I just assumed that every hospital out there and cancer medical team would provide the service and treatment I needed. They may have provided it, but compassion and professionalism was missing. So be careful out there when searching for your doctor. Do the research needed for the type of illness you are experiencing.

Another thing, be prepared to be as open with your doctor as possible. Develop a relationship with them where nothing is too personal to bring up. You should be able to speak freely with one another without any kind of restraints. Before your visit, write down any kind of questions you may have or take notes during your visit. I know I forget most of the terminology when it comes to my cancer. I can only explain it in basic terms. For instance, my doctor will sometimes draw a diagram that I can understand. 

The type of treatment depends on three things: 1) The stage and grade of your cancer. 2) The size and location of your cancer. 3) Your age and general health. No one has the exact same treatment. We could have the same type of cancer, but each of us will be treated differently and we will react to it differently. That's what is troublesome about cancer. What works for you, may not work for me. 

Well, I hope this helps someone on their journey. Have a blessed day everyone.


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