Winter's Haven

                                             Everyday is a brand new day,
                                             everyday is a journey

It's funny how the Winters have changed around here in the past few years. Very rarely do we have tons of snow, blizzards, ice and below zero weather. Mostly it just rains. 

It may surprise you when I say how much I miss the snow. Well, not all the time, but sometimes. There is something so calming watching the snow come down as we lay snuggled in our cozy homes. A cup of coffee and a glass of wine on the end table as I crochet my little heart out. 

Winter has always been a time of nesting for me. It's usually too cold to go out into the world like in the Summer where almost all of our time is spent outdoors. I miss that cozy feeling of contentment, serene and calm. At least, looking from the inside out!

This thinking has led me to believe that change not only happens in our lives, but in the conditions we live in. I've always thought that a major change occurs every ten years or so where we either move forward or lag behind. A sort of upheaval in our lives. I call it an upheaval, because many of these changes are unwelcome. 

It seems the same can be said of the weather. I cannot even remember the last time we had a snowy Winter. Not that I'm complaining, but I need all four of my Seasons. I don't think I could live in a zone where the same temperature reigned all year long. How boring! Remember, I like diversity. 

This week alone, we are enjoying weather in the sixties in February. People are walking around with bare legs and shorts. In the next few days, the temperatures will drop once again. Is it any wonder that everyone is walking around sick?

Although, the weather is beautiful, I still secretly am hoping for at least one snowstorm where I can look out through my window admiring the beauty of Our Lord. I know there is some snow coming, I just wonder when. 

Have a blessed day everyone.  


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