The Shift

Sometimes we just need to move on no matter how difficult the change or that adjustment may be . Life goes on as we outgrow things , people and situations in our life . It can be painful , hurting us to our core , but change is necessary for us to grow spiritually .

We say we want a new beginning , but we don't want all the work that comes with it . It's just too much and really , we are not ready for it . Saying it and doing it are two separate things . 

I can see a pattern taking hold in my life for a need to better my relationships with God and with others . I want to take it to another level because I feel ready for it . It is time to let go of the old and get on with something new . 

But like with all things , change takes time and results take even longer . The waiting is always the hard part . 

I have been waiting patiently at work for this shift change to happen . For the last two months I have watched my fellow co-workers move on to their perspective shifts with a long heart . I wish it was me . 

Not only does the change affect my work , but also my volunteering and my personal life . I feel like I'm stuck in the mud and I can't move until someone comes to pull me out . Let the change begin so I can move on . 

I guess the anticipation of what is to come is just too strong and my heart yearns for it . It's like seeing a rainbow  and rushing towards
 it . plunging into its ray of colors , emerging bright and new .

Yes , waiting is hard . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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