Baby , It's Cold Out There

Baby , It's cold out there !

It's been many years since I felt such bone - chilling weather . Delivering yarn to one of my ladies this morning after work , brought on a series of shudders rippling through my body . I couldn't wait for her to open her door and she took a very long
 time . 

I can remember the winters of my younger years . The snow so deep , the sidewalks took on tunnel form  and children building fortes . There was so much ice that one could walk on snow mounds without a dent taking shape . Winters were long and hard with tons of snowfall and ice . 

We haven't had winters like that in recent years . They have been more rain and tepid weather with an occasional freeze and a few days of blizzard temperatures . They have been mild to say the
 least . 

I think that's why we find this one so hard to get through . We were not prepared , thinking it would be like before . I do know that I will appreciate Spring and the warmth from the sun's rays upon my 
face . I miss the sun .

Winter is dreary with shorten days and longer nights , one feels as if in hibernation . Who wants to go to work or do anything , but lounge around watching television . I know I'm certainly feeling lazy .

Yes , I yearn for Spring , don't you ? 

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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