Finding My Purpose

We spend majority of our life searching for our purpose , a reason why we are here . Some of us find it right away  and others take a lifetime . 

I , myself , have never given it much thought in the past . I met a man , set up house and raised a family figuring this was my calling . I wasn't happy , but I have made a choice and now had to deal with it . 

During that time  , I had four children , three boys and a 
girl . Two of those boys died within three years of each other , one in crib death and the other spinal bifida . " We all have a cross to bear in life , this is your cross " , my grandmother said to  me . 

Not too long after that , my family broke up and I took my two children and left . Becoming a single mom wasn't something that I planned on all those years ago when I chose the wrong man . How old was I then ? Not even thirty .

In 2007 , I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I barely made it through . Suddenly , my life took on a purpose . It took a tragedy , a chronic illness to bring home  the absolute need to take stock of my life . 

What am I doing to better my life , my children's life or anyone else's ? 

Where is the purpose of living ? 

What am I fighting for ? 

What do I want to leave behind ?

When you  are faced with death , you look back at your life and notice all the things you need to change . You retrace the steps you have taken and make sure you don't go there again . 

These past seven years , God has been preparing me for this very step in my life . I believe my Crocheting Ministry is my purpose . It all began with my starting to crochet again after thirty years . Why now ? That is a very long time  and then to pick it up again as if it was nothing . I wasn't rusty , not knowing the stitches . I crocheted as if I never stopped . 

Then a challenge was thrown my way making all those slippers for U.I.C. Children's Cancer Ward . It took me a year to make those 665 pairs , but I did it . Now the Crocheting Club . 

This is what I am meant to do . This is my purpose , I can feel it . It took me well into my forties ( 49 ) to figure it all out , but there's no stopping me now . The best really is yet to come .

What is your purpose ?

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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