A Lifestyle Of Obedience

We punish our children when they don't listen or follow orders and yet , we as adults , struggle with obedience . I believe that disobedience keeps us from going to the next level in our spirituality . The Bible is all about obedience and people failing miserably .

We just don't want to be told what to do . Why is that ? Why do we have a problem with authority ? Maybe , because we have spent our childhood having to listen that when we become adults , we want to live by our rules . 

No on will ever tell us what to do again . Rebellion . 

Rebellion can run rapid in our life . I feel rebellious . I feel restless . 

There are only five days left until I start my new shift and position . In  my mind , I've already have left and reside there . The job I am doing now doesn't matter  and I'm not even paying attention to what I need to do . I am done .

It's not easy for me to admit it . Here I am writing about obedience  and I have no desire to follow the orders of my current manager . I guess , we can make adjustments  and accept our situations when we find that there is no escape from it . This is the way it is . The situation changes drastically when we see a light at the end of the tunnel and realize there is a choice . 

Obedience can be easy when we have no other option available .  Provide  people with a choice  and see what happens . I bet they'll run in the direction of going their own way . 

I know I am wrong in my behavior and the same applies to others who follow their own path .We know , but it is easier to make excuses justifying our actions . 

Obedience takes courage , strength , perseverance , honesty and patience . Our desire to follow Christ  and take on what all of that really means will make us stronger and courageous followers .

In five days , my current position ends , but until that happens , I still have to finish strong . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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