A Thankful Heart

  Trying to catch up this morning on all my daily readings , devotionals and e-mails I felt ashamed of myself . For nearly this entire month (maybe longer ) I haven 't been in a good mood . My body and I have been fighting  and we know who has been winning that battle . Today , I'm making an effort to get something done . I have to confess , I'm not making too many strides .
  One thing for sure I need to get out of this frumpy mood of mine . You know , sometimes devotionals can stir something inside you that a whole sermon doesn't . God uses whatever He can to get His message across to us . Instead of  thinking all the bad things that are happening to me I need to write down all the good things today .
  I am thankful for ......
1. the snow that is coming down because even though us grownups will hate it but the children will have fun
2. the warm apartment that I live in . My last place was always drafty and cold .
3. learning how to make the booties for St. Jude's and I already have  like 20 pairs .
4. my car still working , plugging along
5. the grits that Emily and I will have for supper on this cold, snowy day (yummy)
6. the apartment is clean , okay , semi - clean
7. I finally found a computer stand  for my room
8. it's Friday
9. no doctor appointments until February 7th
10.  one more chemo to go
11. my big brother's birthday on Sunday . He's turning 50 . When I reach 50 , I'll have a big party .

Yeah , it's not that bad of a day .


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