The Gift

  I remember a Christmas when my Emily was very small and she decided to give each member of our family a gift . She searched the house for goodies to wrap like an used bar of soap from the bathroom for her grandma . In the kitchen she found a half eaten bag of chips that she wrapped for her brother Joey . You get the picture . Everyone made a huge deal of these used gifts as if they were made of gold . She sat up like a peacock from all that praise .
  That's how we feel about certain gifts we get for others . We can't wait for the person to open it . We are more excited than they are . I mean , look what we found . . . .the perfect gift . I wish someone gave me this gift .
   I received a gift like that from my niece and godson for my birthday ( and their mates ,too ) . Her face was bright and smiling as she gave it to me . You could just see the excitement on her face . Open it ! It was a gift card to a  spa . Yes , even I'm getting excited , but wait ! What is she saying ? Naked ? What ? I have to be naked in the pools with other naked women ? I almost died . What is it about this journey  where everyone wants me doing things I 'm uncomfortable about . Has she spoken with Jesus about me ?
   I don't want to get naked with anyone ...well , maybe a certain man . I have a hard enough time looking in the mirror naked let alone get naked in front of strangers . I have a woman gyno and a pap exam is awkward .
   " Don't worry " , she tells me , "we all have the same thing ". No , we don't . Mine don't look anything like hers . Nothing wrong with her gravity .
    The problem is they spent money . There has to be something I can do there fully clothed . Do I need to get my clothes off to get a pedicure ? Am I being silly ? And I don't want to hear from you young , perky GIRLS . I want to hear from us older WOMEN .
    By the way , Joey ate those chips , used or not .


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