Goals 2012 - ?

    In the past , I would have never made a list of goals , especially while still undergoing treatment . Way too risky . Didn't want to get my hopes up , right ? Now ? I really don't care . Life is to be lived and I certainly intend on living mine no matter how short it might be . Here's my list of what I want to do with the rest of the time I have left .
1. I want to go to Vegas , sleep on a heart shaped bed and have Elvis marry me off . Then afterwards , I want to partake in the biggest and baddest buffet on the strip.Yeah !!!!
2. I want to ride on the Orient Express with David Suchet . Make it happen people .
3. I want a wall to ceiling library like Bella did in Beauty and the Beast where I can store all my books and then some .
4. I want to go on a cruise with the biggest and baddest buffet ever ! Can you tell I'm hungry ?
5. I want to take a walk every evening and actually have someone to take that walk with .
6. I want a truck/car that won't break down
7. I want to go on a road trip to Florida.....the scenic route . Let's do an RV .......with the whole family .
8. I want to learn to make the perfect fried rice .
9. I want to be thin or at least lose the belly .
10. I don't ever want to lose my hair again .
11. I want to learn to swim .
 12. I want to learn how to ballroom dance ....especially the latin dances !


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