A Wig Debate

  A month ago , my friend Linda gave me an 800 number to get a free wig . That white post-it is still sitting where I left it on my desk . Why haven't I called them ? Have no idea why I keep postponing this . Here I constantly gripe about my bald head and how badly it makes me feel . Here I have an opportunity to do something about it and don't . Obviously , there's more to it than I may want to admit .
  Let me list my pros and cons  and you can help me decide . You can e-mail  me or write here what you think I should do and why .
      1. My appearance would appear  normal
      2. no one would be able to tell I have cancer .
      3. my self esteem would get a boost
       1. I wouldn't be representing
       2. I would be giving in to vanity
       3. doesn't solve my inner problem

   Tell me what you think . What are your pro's and con's ?


  1. This is just such a personal decision. You should do whatever you want to do, for you, Lottie. If you want a wig, get one! If women, as a group, weren't concerned about their looks, the make-up industry would go out of business! If you want to look your best, even with cancer, than do whatever works for you, Lottie! If it were me, I probably would have a whole selection of wigs to choose from, just to help me feel a little better and able to cope with the whole thing! Of course this doesn't solve your inner problem. That belongs to the Lord. And no amount of wigs (or scarves, or lipstick, or skinniness, for that matter) will help you in that regard. People would know I have cancer, because the ones I wanted to know, I would tell! Those are the only ones I would care to know anyway.


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