Books To Read

                                                             Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                               everyday is a journey.

O boundless self-contentment voiced
In flying air-born bubbles!
O joy that mocks our sad unrest,
And frowns our earth-born troubles!

I remember being asked what my favorite book was and I couldn't provide an answer, because I have so many. How can I just choose one?

1. Where Is God When Bad Things Happen?
By: Luis Palau
I think this is the number one question that both believers and nonbelievers ask. To me, it's not a simple question to answer, especially in this day and age. The author digs deep into the encouraging hope we all seek when we face trials. This books is written mostly for people who are searching for God and wonder who He is in this troubled world. An interesting read, for sure.

2. Anne Of Green Gables
By: L.M. Montgomery
This has always been a favorite of mine, right up there with Little Women. When I read this book with my Emily, I don't know who was more enchanted, her or me. I love the old classics and despair when they come out and try to modernize them within this century. No need, just leave them as they are. I cheered for Anne the minute she stepped into the presence of those two siblings begging them to please take her in, please.

3. Earth Angel
By: Jerry and Lorin Biederman
This book reminds me a bit of Reader's Digest where there are several stories in one book. On Earth there are many people who help another in their time of need. They appear out of nowhere like an Angel. These are their stories of numerous such occasions. Are they real angels or just humans serving as an Earth angel? A lovely collection of true stories that embody us to be a good samaritan.

4. Coffee Break
By: Bordon Books
This is one of my favorites! It is an inspirational daily devotion full of daily stories meant to encourage you. Also, each page has several quotes and verses scattered in opportune places to restore our whole being. For me, it is almost like a personal journal. I filled and underlined several statements that filled me with hope for the day. Absolutely loved it and plan on re-reading as I need it to energize my soul.

5. Tending The Soul
By: Moody Publishers
This book was given to me by my friend, Maureen. In fact, many of my books have been gifts that I will cherish forever, because of where they came from or whom. This is another devotional with many contributors such as Lisa Harper and Sara Groves to mention. After each day, the reader is invited to journal, sketch, write a letter to God or sing a hymn. A great devotional to wake up to every morning in our quiet time with Our Lord.

As you can see, I truly enjoy what some publishers call "self help" books. That is funny to me, since I never did enjoy these types of books until I was diagnosed with cancer. Of course, autobiographies and mysteries still rule the day in my eyes! I hope you will enjoy these as much as I have.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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