A Cancer Story

                                                        Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

When on my aching, burdened heart
    My sins lie heavily,
  My pardon speak, new peace impart,
    In love remember me.

When I was going through cancer the first time, I went through a bad time for about two weeks where all the complications became too much for me to bear. I just went through a reversal of a colostomy and that was to be my last surgery for almost ten years. Of course, I had no idea that was the case. 

That reversal of my colostomy, I think was probably the toughest for me to go through. Or it could be, because at that point I was exhausted from all the complications. This was simply the last straw. I couldn't possibly go through anymore or at least, I felt that way. 

You know the old saying, God only gives you what you can handle? People love to tell others that saying whenever their friend is faced with a trial. Don't do it. It's the last thing we want to hear at that moment. 

Anyway, during that time I couldn't do the basic necessities of life such as going to the bathroom. You see, when they done the reversal, my body had to learn how to perform this normal function once again. It took a total of two weeks for me to have a bowel movement. I'm talking about this, because this simple act was one of the hardest and most painful. We squirm and blush when speaking about our bodily fluids. Yet, when we have an illness, we are affected in this area. We need to talk about this.....period.

That was over eleven years ago and I often wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn't gone through cancer. I know for one thing, I wouldn't have found my passion, my calling in life. I love blogging, vlogging and especially my Ministry. All of which came from my experience with cancer. Let's not forget my Chronic Illness Group. What they meant for evil, God used for good. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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