Out Of Commission

                                                          Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                           everyday is a journey.

To live within a cave--
it is most good;
But if God made a day,
And some one come, and say,
"Lo! I have gathered faggots in the wood!
E'en let him stay,
And light a fire,
 and fan a temporal mood!
So sit till morning! 
when the light is grown
That he the path can read,
Then bid the man Godspeed!
His morning is not thine: 
yet must thou own
Those ashes on the stone.
They have a cheerful warmth.

On my off days, I ended up recording quite a few videos for YouTube. I never uploaded them, but had them saved on my tablet. Well, something is going on with my tablet and suddenly it doesn't want to work. Whatever, another technology problem. 

Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if my YouTube days are numbered and I should just hang it up. This is one of the most challenging thing I have ever done. The Ministry was so easy it just happened. The blog, well, the words came flooding out as well. I didn't even know I could write. The group was pretty easy as well. I just didn't want to do it, that's all. 

This YouTube thing is different. Talk about being out of your comfort zone. Where did this idea come from? What made me think I could do this? Yet, there is a part of me that wants to keep hanging on saying don't quit. So I guess I will continue to plug on. I do have some ideas of what to do next, so bear with me.

On the other hand, I haven't exactly been feeling all that good since Thanksgiving. Nothing too bad just an upset stomach here and there. I've finally realized that I haven't been drinking my water. Since the cold temperatures, I've reverted to hot tea. Apparently, the hot tea doesn't flush out all the toxins like the water. Back to water I go. 

Otherwise, things have been plugging along as well as expected. 

Until next time, have a blessed day everyone. 


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