A Very Simple Christmas

                                              Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Look thou with pity on a brother's fall,
But dwell not with stern anger on his fault;
The grace of God alone holds thee,
 holds all;
Were that withdrawn, t
hou too wouldst swerve and halt.

Christmas . . . such a special time of the year. When one has children, especially small ones, the month is spent doing all things Christmas. We would make handmade decorations, cookies, visits with Santa and Holiday musical specials at school or Church. The sky is the limit.

I, myself, have changed towards Christmas and it's traditions. I no longer crave all the extravagant trappings of a modernized and materialistic Christmas. I want the simple. The meaning to have value. The tradition of family.

If I had my way and I really mean a space, a permanent home, I would host a traditional Christmas. I've always wanted to do one. Not the modern version, but the version of old when Christmas trees were decorated by cookies, orange slices and nuts. I often wonder what was their dinner consisting of? I am almost sure it wasn't a turkey or ham. The decor would also be from time past. All presents would have to be handmade. 

We could sit around playing cards, singing songs or playing games. Well, we do that part now anyways, but still, it would be great fun to include it. On every plate, I would place an orange as a special treat for everyone. I heard that back then fruit was a huge deal and usually reserved for Christmas and birthdays. Imagine giving a child an orange nowadays. What would they think?

I would love to have a Christmas such as I mentioned above. Maybe one day I will.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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