How Do You Fix A Sinking Chair?

                                                        Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Then bless thy secret growth, nor catch
    At noise, but thrive unseen and dumb;
  Keep clean, bear fruit, earn life, and watch
    Till the white-winged reapers come.

My daily morning routine consists of this: I get up and make my coffee. l quickly pop a bagel in the oven and get dressed. My vitamins lay on my desk, all ready for me by Emily. She never forgets, because she knows I probably would. I bring my bagel and coffee to my desk. I raise the lever on my chair, lifting it up to the high position. 

I like it that way, because my knees hurt if it's in the lower. When I rise, it places too much pressure on them . So I sit down and the chair slowly lowers itself to the lowest position. I get up, raise the lever again and sit down. Same thing happens. I sigh. 

I could play this game all morning long. Up and down, up and down. I curse. Did I ever tell you that my grandchildren take bets on how many times will grandma Lottie curse or say something inappropriate? 

When all else fails, just pop a load of laundry in. There's always laundry to do and it can take your mind off the aggravation. Besides, no one will be able to hear you cussing or fussing over the machines. 

There are times where I want to literally throw the desk chair out the window. Then I calm down and remind myself of a very important rule in our home. We don't replace anything or upgrade anything unless it becomes broken. This is one way we deal with materialism and with saving money. 

I've tried replacing the desk chair with other chairs in the house, but they are not the appropriate height. I've tried placing pillows on the seat as a booster, but they don't work either. I do know there is a solution here, but you know how I feel about fixing things and my love affair with them. I could go online and see how to fix that problem for good. I have a feeling it will involve tools and plenty of patience. 

Let's see how long I can sweep the problem under the carpet before actually taking care of it properly.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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