That Shopping Run

                                                    Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

  Oh, take this heart that I would give
    Forever to be all Thine own;
  I to myself no more would live,--
    Come, Lord, be Thou my King alone.

Once this Season comes around, if I never leave the house, I'm extremely happy. Remember my word Burrow?  Yeah, that's right, I want to burrow. Unfortunately, we have to work and we have errands to run. Today's errand is shopping. 

I don't care for shopping. I know, I know. I'm a woman and I'm supposed to like shopping, but I really don't. The crowds, the no parking available, the long lines at checkout, none of these are for me. Window shopping? I don't understand that concept at all. How am I suppose to enjoy something I cannot have just by viewing it? This isn't picturesque scenery.

Going shopping is really a chore for me. I don't just jump out of bed and rush out the door. I have to talk myself into it. Okay, first I make a list so I don't have to go back for something I've forgotten later. I have done so many times. Then I steel myself mentally to get moving. I'm a procrastinator when it's something I don't like to do. 

Once out on the road, I try to line up my stops to be as close to one another as possible. None of this crisscrossing back and forth, I mean to get back as soon as possible from this craziness. 

When inside the store, I take out my list and go to town. I am known to check out certain aisles just in case something new showed up on the shelves. You just never know. I'm in and out like a bandit. I've even conquered the free snacks. Rarely do I stop for those and I mean rarely. 

Of course, things don't always turn out the way I want them to. Take today, for instance, One of my stops included to Home Depot to make a spare key for my HHR.  The first attendant couldn't do it. Then the second attendant showed up and told the first attendant what to do. He still couldn't do it. A third attendant showed up and told the first and second why it wasn't working. They moved the key making department from it's original spot and in the process lost the original key to my type of car. Sorry no can do, please visit another facility. 

No, I cannot do, I'm done and I'm going home. Have a blessed day everyone. 

The Gratitude Challenge:
Today I'm so grateful for our little burrow, our apartment. It may be in the wrong kind of neighborhood, but it's ours.


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