A Year Of Findings

So it certainly has been a year of findings since my last treatment. I knew that I might have problems after the radiation with certain foods once in awhile, but I certainly didn't expect so many foods and so often. 

My list, thus far: Popcorn, grapefruit, fried foods, buttery foods, green grapes, dried fruit. If I eat any of this, I might as well stay home and swallow a box of anti-diarrhea pills. I will have problems for the next couple of days. I know this isn't a pleasant topic to speak of, but it is a major part of our life. If this upsets you, please forgive me. 

For some reason, I have no problems when Emily cooks. She always says it's because we know what we put into our food. We take control of the measuring and the nutrition. I believe that she is right. 

Once we live a certain way, we can never go back to what once was. That's the same when it comes to the food we eat. It's really difficult for Emily and myself to go out to eat. No matter how many items there may be on the menu, we can only eat a small fraction. Once you have reduced or taken away certain items from your diet, your body becomes accustom to it. Introduce those same items you have taken away, even though they may taste delicious, your body will reject them in a few hours. It's just not used to it anymore. 

That's what is going on here with us. I am finding out that I cannot eat everything anymore. My body has gotten used to a certain food lifestyle and when I veer off track, I end up paying for it. Now, it's very difficult when visiting people to explain all this, especially family. They spent all this time cooking and we're dabbling carefully at the meal they made. It does make for some very uncomfortable dialogue. No one wants to hear that their dinner is not healthy. 

So one would think I would lose some weight, but no such thing. I'm beginning to think it has to do with portion sizes and the fact that I eat at night when I get home. It's not good. This past Sunday's sermon dealt with offering up our bodies to God and how we are responsible to take care of them. I'm sitting there feeling extremely convicted. I mean, who wouldn't? I could be doing so much more in that area, but I'm just plain too lazy. Another finding. No....a confession. 

Have a Blessed day everyone. 

The Gratitude Challenge:
I am grateful for a good movie to watch.


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