What can I say about my one and only daughter-in-law? She's beautiful, compassionate, loving, intelligent, emotional. I could keep going. How much time do you have?

                                                  Love this picture of my loves. 

Before Joey went and married this lovely lady, he would call me every Friday night on his way home. I would be driving also, but going to work. All of that changed when he got married. I remember telling Aubs. how much I missed that. Do you know what she did? She started calling me instead! A relationship began that has been growing and growing. Nowadays, I think we talk more with one another than I do with my own son. 

How did this happen? We certainly didn't set out to become great friends. We just did. Isn't that how love happens? Without any plan at all? One meets, we share our intimate stories about ourselves and love deepens. Love grows. There are all kinds of loves. People always ask me what the ingredients are to this special friendship with a Daughter-in-law of all people. I don't know. Maybe we both really want a relationship with one another?

I often joke that since I only have one son, I lucked out on the good daughter-in-law. If I had more, who knows what would have happened? Would I have a relationship with all of them? For now, I'm glad for the one DIL I do have. You have no idea how grateful I am for our time together. I enjoy and look forward to the future with her in our family. 

Have a Blessed day everyone. 

Gratitude challenge:
Thankful for the lovely time I had with my mom this morning. 


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