Feeling The Cold

                                                Everyday is a brand new day, everyday
                                                      is a new journey.

I've been feeling cold lately. That may seem like a such weird thing to say, but for me it's huge. Since 2007, I have been in the deep throes of menopause with massive hot flashes. I've foregone long sleeves and especially sweaters. My ceiling fan is on all the time, even in Winter. I'm never cold, opting to wearing shorts and sleeveless tops whenever at home. 

All that has seemed to be a time from the past. I feel cold again. I shiver and feel chills, especially my hands and feet. I find myself wearing sweaters, socks and a comfy blanket in WINTER. Could I finally be done with menopause?

I'm sorry to say, but I am not really happy about it. I mean, when change happens, why does it have to happen everywhere? It's like a massive dose administered all at once. Can I take such an overdose to my mental psyche? I certainly hope so, because it's happening regardless of my feelings about it. 

Emily laughs, unsympathetic at all to my plight, informs me that finally I am just like her. I can now join the rest of the world. 
We are such funny people. We complain and wish things were different, but when it happens, we complain that it's happening.Insane, that's what we are, positively insane.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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