An Important Week

                                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.


None the place ordained refuseth,
    They are one, and they are all,
  Living stones, the Builder chooseth
    For the courses of His wall.

This has been a very important week for both of us. First, Emily has begun training in a new department. I'm totally thrilled! Sometimes, just being moved elsewhere can make a huge change in your career. I'm very happy about this move and hope this turns into a prosperous one for her in more ways than just the financial. 

The new owners of my Company have been here all week. The CEO, the IT, Marketing and the Quality team have been visible on a daily basis as new changes are implicated. Old furniture and just about everything Avon is being removed slowly, but surely. My reaction has been surprising to me. I thought it would be very emotional since I have been there 23 years. I still believe it will be, especially when the sign outside is taken down and a new one erected saying Fareva. That certainly will be a life changer!

Their presence is extremely important this week, because it is a mere 6 weeks or so before legally they become owners of this building and us. Their presence signifies our future and when we all sit down together with our new CEO in a meeting this week, we will know all about our policies, insurance, money etc. All should be revealed. . . .hopefully. 

We have been stuck in limbo for so long now, that all of this whirlwind action is both thrilling and energetic to us. We are hopeful. We are excited. We are happy to be moving forward after this dry spell. What brought on this finally? Well, I do have an idea on the why now, but I won't reveal until November. You'll just have to sit tight and wait patiently. 

I do have to say that I never thought things would turn out this way at all. Definitely, it never entered my mind. I thought Emily would have a job at the hospital, but that hasn't happened. I thought I would be retiring at Avon in a few years, but then they sold our facility. It just shows you how things turn out so all the planning in the world does not mean anything. When God has a plan, He means them to come to fruition, because He is God and I am not. Amen, amen. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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