The Praise Notebook

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

There are so many fantastic experiences that occur to us daily that we cannot explain. Some people call it luck, but I call it blessings from God or God moments. I've decided to start a Praise Notebook to remind me during my darkest moments how much God truly loves me and blesses me on a daily basis. 

When we are facing struggles in our life, it is so easy to get side-  tracked in our faith. So easy to fall into the trap of the devil's negativity. All lies created by the deceiver to fall away from God, the one true being that has always been there for us. The worst part? We actually believe these lies!

That's why it's important to get into the Word of God and be reminded by His promises to us. We all need to be reminded, even I! I am so guilty of falling to the wayside when it becomes difficult. My outward appearance may say that I'm strong, but inside it's quite the opposite. Negative thoughts take over the crevices of my mind and I begin to believe these thoughts. 

I wish I could remember all these precious moments from long ago, because there are so many of them. Why have I forgotten them in the first place? Could it be because I have taken them for granted? I believe it is so. 

Have a blessed day everyone.


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