The Year Ahead

                                                   Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                    everyday is a journey.

Love and Pain
Make their own measure of all things that be.
No clock's slow ticking marks their deathless strain;
The life they own is not the life we see;
Love's single moment is eternity.
--Thomas W. Higginson.

As the old year departs, a new one enters bringing hope, renewal and change. Are we ready for it? I know I am. Believe me, I am always ready to let go of the past, willing to move forward. 

Every year, we choose a theme for the year for us to work towards as a family. Since this past year was a bit of a struggle, I'm contemplating a little more relaxed one. For some reason, I don't want to plan anything, I just want to be. 

We are a goal driven society. Lord knows, I'm one of these people who thrives on order and organization, but I want a break from all of it. I have enough projects started to keep me busy for a few years down the road. I won't be bored without a major goal for 2017. 

There are times that I feel my brain overwhelmed by all that is going on around me. I take on project after project, goal after goal so I can feel accomplished, productive and needed. Sometimes, we can become lost in the process of too much of anything in our lives. We forget to breathe, to inhale the simplicity of joyous life. I don't want to lose that. I don't want to miss that. And I definitely want to bask in it. 

So no, I don't think I will be making ant New Year's resolutions or 2017 goals. I just want to relax, develop closer relationships with the people I care about,  find God everywhere and enjoy this marvelous creation of His we call Earth. 

Have a Blessed day everyone. 


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