Looking In All The Wrong Places

                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

When I reflect back on the search for our apartment, I'm amazed at where we ended up at. This location was the last place we would have chosen and to be frank, not even on our list. It seems that God had other plans, so here we are. 

We spent over two months traveling every Saturday and Sunday all over the suburbs. We had a list made of what we were looking for and we believed we would find it. What we didn't plan on was that our will would be different from God's will. We began in one section, only to end up with a flat tire and a total break down of our red Durango. You could say we never made it there. Emily called it a sign. From that point on, every place we looked at had something wrong with it. 

Why did we choose the apartment we're in? God only knows. It had plenty wrong with it just like the others. When we first saw it, it was in a total remodel state. We saw it naked, the walls plastered and patched, waiting for a coat of paint. All the light switches, faucets and outlets stripped. Paint buckets, ladders and equipment littered each room. Some of the doors were off their hinges and blinds missing from some of the windows. 

Looking at the stark nakedness of the place, it was hard to imagine what it could actually become. In two weeks, it would be fresh and  ready to take on a new beginning. Our beginning. Our journey. We looked everywhere else and somehow ended up someplace else. We were looking in all the wrong places. So why did we take this place? Well, it felt somehow right. It felt like we were suppose to be there. I'm not sure what will happen here or what lies in store for us, but I do know, I'm meant to be here.

Have a Blessed day everyone. 


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