A Sleepy Saturday

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Ever since I awaken this morning, my mind has drifted on into the land of laziness. I had such hopes, such dreams and such plans for today, all for naught.

I set out purposely with Emily in tow, to get our errands out of the way. My big plans for the today involved finally putting together my bedroom. I have been sleeping on the couch while my room has been turned into a storage area for all the boxes. There are still boxes galore, but there was a tiny area where my bed and desk could stand. 

I was excited, or at least yesterday, at the thought of staying up writing my little heart away into the early morning hours. Alas, the minute we got home from all our errands, sleepiness took over. Whatever energy I may have had, was used up running around and now it took all the effort I had just to keep my eyes open. 

All my carefully laid plans gone up in smoke and I didn't care. I wanted a lazy and sleepy Saturday. My room would have to wait once again. Moving is hard, exhausting and tedious. It can wait. It will still be here in the morning. This girl is nestling on the couch.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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