The Stages Of Grief

It's 04:30 a.m. and I am up working at playing catch-up with the different roles in my life . As usual , I'm behind . Can we ever get anything done ?

I struggle to maintain some semblance of order  and completion of projects , but we all know the real culprit . . . . me . I take on way more than what I can handle . If we went back and re-read everything I have written from start to finish , there is something that keeps repeating itself . . . . time . 

Time changes everything . We never have enough of it and we are not aware of it's passage , but we crave it . Time changes our behavior . It can heal our broken hearts as well as our finding someone new to love . We can say goodbye to someone  in death and welcome a newborn babe at the same time . We can be filled with sorrow now , but we know that in time , we will see another rainbow . 

In Kubler-Ross’ model, she listed five stages of grief we 

experience when someone we love dies  . I believe this can 

apply to all areas of our life . 

1 . denial,
2 . anger,
3 . bargaining,
4 . depression,
5 . and acceptance. 

All five are applicable to romance , health issues , work 

relations , children and even marriage . We can go on and  

the list would be endless . `

So , how does it all relate to me ?  Well , at first , I believe I 

can do it all . It just requires a little organizational skill , 

another word for it , denial .

Then I become angry , because I have to do everything and 

no one helps me . If everyone would just do their part , I 

wouldn't be so behind . 

Which leads to my bargaining with God . Maybe the lights 

will go out at work and we will be sent home and I can finish 

this on time . Or maybe God will see that I'm tired and it will

be a very slow day at work and I can come home  early . What

do you think God ?

None of the above works , so I become depressed , because I 

am a failure ! Let's leave this one at one sentence , nothing 

more to be said here. 

After realizing , ( and the date of the project is here )   that 

there is no way I can finish , I accept that no one is perfect . 

Life is too short and we will try to do better next time  . 

Sounds Familiar ?

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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