More Weddings

Another wedding , a renewal of their vows , this time  . To every woman I have mentioned this to  , they thought it was highly romantic . To the man ? Highly expensive . 

To us women  , it's more than a renewal . To us it's an reaffirmation that he would marry us all over again  . After many years of marriage , it's a beautiful act of love to know he feels the same as before .

As much as I love Weddings , this one still surprised me . The minute I walked in , I was greeted by an old friend I haven't seen in ages . Then another and another  . . . . 

It set the tone for the evening . It was so much fun to catch up on old times , to see how much we have changed and for some , not at all . 

People walk out of our lives through what seems  at times a revolving door , but not forever . We end up running into each other down the road as we cross paths , even for a minute or two . 

As I drove home  that night , a warm feeling enveloped my being , glad that I made time to come . I had a wonderful time , a memory to tuck away forever . 

Imagine , the reunion that will be held in Heaven as we run into our friends and family . The stories we will share  and the memories we will make . I hope to see you there .

Here are more weddings !

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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