The Older I Get . .

The older I get the more I want to just relax  . . .
and unwind  . . . 
and sit peacefully as I take in the surroundings around me . 

I look for diversity in my life and it's very obvious in the group of friends I surround myself with , all different ages and ethnic backgrounds . I watch them run from one activity to the next , barely taking a breath .  Everyday , they have somewhere to go and something  to do after work . These people know how to seriously play ! 

For me , it has become quite the opposite . They have to lure me to come out and play . I love the sanctuary of my apartment . I have everything I need and love to do right here in my haven . 

The glittering of party lights hold no appeal to me any longer . Those days or should I say nights , are long behind me . This may sound very boring to many of them , but it makes no difference to me . . . my goals are on an entirely different level . 

I have certainly changed a lot in my middle age . My satisfaction comes from my Ministries . I love to create something with my hands to benefit others . A warm , fuzzy baby blanket for a single mother to wrap a newborn in or an afghan for a homeless person to keep the cold out . 

That provides me with a sense of belonging to the solution rather than the problem . I want to serve the world , touch someone's life to help change it for the better . I don't need to witness this happening or receive a pat on the back . Every stitch I make is like an opening prayer  for whoever this creation of mine goes to . 

There is nothing wrong with going out and enjoying oneself , even I do it occasionally , but my purpose has changed and I hope it shows . 

Have a Blessed day everyone. 


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