Simply Cavemen

What is the cavemen style of eating ? It is a lifestyle of reverting back to the natural foods of fruits , vegetables , meat and nuts .

I see the Caveman  Lifestyle everywhere . It's called by many different names , but basically it's just eating healthier and staying away from greasy , fast food .  People seem to have a deep desire to change their eating habits and become healthier , which is good , because we are a fat country ! 

Have we embraced this cavemen style of living ? Not entirely . We have adopted many of the practices , but we have a problem with doing away of pasta and cheese . Emily is a vegetarian  and 
the Caveman Lifestyle endorses meat and veggies . Her diet would be pretty bland with only veggies . 

Eating healthy is nothing new to us . Our eating habits have changed drastically in the last three years alone . At work , they're constantly checking out my latest root or veggie they've never seen or heard of before , mostly with a grimace on their faces . 

" The things you eat , Lottie " .

We , as humans , are drawn to food that looks appetizing , and smells good . If it doesn't meet any of these requirements , we won't even try a nibble . Unfortunately , majority of healthy food doesn't look very appealing  and people turn their nose up at the thought of eating it . 

Emily and I have become so accustomed to our healthy meals , that whenever we indulge in processed foods , our body rebels . For the next couple of days , we will consume gallons of water to flush it out of our system . The way I see it , if it can make me so ill , it must not be good for us in the first place . 

But , but the cravings ! Yes , the food enemy disguised as comfort food . The only comfort we experience is when we eat it , not too long after that , you'll regret it . 

So if I eat all this healthy food , why am I fat ? I get this all the time , because people seem to know why I am fat and have a solution just for me . I don't know what I would do without these people .I asked my chemo nurse once a question regarding my weight . I will never forget what she said to me :

" Honey , you have cancer , you're on steroids , menopausal , in your forties , had four  children , on medication and full of hormones " . 

By changing my eating habits , I can mark off at least one of those things . Now to work on the rest  . . . .

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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