The Weekend

                                                             Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                   everyday is a journey.

O boundless self-contentment voiced
In flying air-born bubbles!
O joy that mocks our sad unrest,
And frowns our earth-born troubles!

The weekend is here once again. While many people will be out enjoying themselves in recreational activities, some of us will be doing the opposite. Oh, I'm not going in to work. I'm staying in and working on my projects here. It's time to finish them up.

You see, these projects have taken over my bedroom. You think I'm kidding? I worry about this when I think of my Tiny House or Rv. Where would I put all of this? What if I couldn't control the overflow? It's obvious that I can't in a normal size bedroom. 

Although, I am happy to report that one of these projects is completed awaiting delivery date to it's new owner. This afghan has taken me months and months to finish, but the price will bring in tons of yarn for my Ministry. 

Now I can finally focus my full attention to The Tent City Project making homeless sleeping mats. This is one of my favorite things to do so I'm really more recreational this weekend than I thought. 

I hope you spend your weekend exercising your love for God in all that you do. Have a blessed day everyone. 


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