The Encourager

                                                                   Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I cannot feel
  That all is well, when darkening clouds conceal
      The shining sun;
      But then, I know
  He lives and loves; and say, since it is so,
      Thy will be done.

There was a time when I was on fire to be a great encourager of fellow women, especially the younger ones. I felt I had so much to offer, a wealth of valuable information and expertise regarding the role of a woman in this secular world. 

So what happened?

Somewhere along the way, I've forgotten the importance of it all. I became discouraged. I watched alongside everyone else as social media exploded with current news. Have you noticed how all news seem to be shocking and sensational? It's almost becoming tabloid- like, instead of the investigating journalism of old. I became discouraged, thinking that no one wanted to hear little ole me.

Then I realized something very important. It definitely isn't about the many throngs of women I've imagined in my mind. It is about that one. While we're looking for the crowd, that one person could be sitting next to us, needing us more than we could ever imagine. It makes more sense to spend one on one time with few than the many.

In my mind, I've envisioned bringing a non-believer to Christ by my mentorship. The reality looks more like a companionship than  a theological transformation, but that's okay. Women are so catty towards one another that they need to hear an encouraging word from us older female generation. Perhaps, we should put aside our scorn, dislike and frowns of our opinion toward these young women and embrace them instead. 

I, myself, can easily remember my youth and the numerous mistakes I've made. Some of these, I could never tell anyone. Are we really any different? I think not. Unfortunately, we are way too similar. So why can't we relate? So why can't we encourage? So why can't we connect?

I look at Emily and see her gravitate toward older women that she calls her Auntie or second Momma. Did I do the same? Did I seek out the expertise of experienced women? Unfortunately no. I sometimes think that the young is so much smarter than we ever were at their age. I know Emily is smarter than me. She knows what she wants and she will not waiver from it. No settling for her the way I did. 

Still, I believe we as women need each other more now than ever before in History. There is so much going on out there. So much more to endure in life. Who else can we turn to who knows us so well, besides God, that is? I would tell Emily as she was growing up that it's hard to be a woman. Maybe that's even more a reason for us to be an encourager to one another. So what's stopping us? Only us. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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