Few Tidbits Here And There

                                                                Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                    everyday is a journey.

 So to the calmly gathered thought
  The innermost of life is taught,
  The mystery dimly understood,
  That love of God is love of good;
  That to be saved is only this,--
  Salvation from our selfishness.
J. G. Whittler

As one month ended and another began, I found myself signing up for various new projects by our Church. All of these, I'm afraid to report, I had to put on hold for now. I found myself over tasking myself to the point of not being able to finish any of them. Instead, I made a list of where I am at with unfinished work and decided to complete them first. That also includes putting on hold my desire for a chronic illness group. 

What's holding up everything? Well, this huge 90x90 afghan I took on as part of a fundraiser for The Crocheting Ministry. It is taking me a lot longer to finish it than I thought. I'm so tired of working on it that I feel it is ugly. I am not sure if my mind is seeing it like that or if it's true. Well, I'm happy to report that it is finally finished!

Thank heavens! Now I can concentrate on the homeless mats project. I LOVE MAKING THESE MATS! It's so easy, even though the prep work before of making the plarn is tiresome. I'm also finding out these plastic bags may be out of reach for us. Many States are undertaking this new plastic bag ban where customers have to pay for their own bags. Chicago has become part of the pack.  I almost feel these may be my last huge mat project. Although, with all this rain, my right hand is experiencing arthritis and crocheting has become difficult. 

We have had a little bit of drama around here. First, this morning I noticed my neighbor's cat has gotten herself locked out. The bad news? My neighbor left for the day. Now, I really surprised myself with the amount of worry I felt for this poor thing meowing for her mistress. Gave her some treats and kept a watchful eye on her since we have numerous dogs around here. She is an indoor cat. 

Second, we have also had quite a few ambulances here this month. Now, someone once told me that weekends and Holidays are the most busiest times in the E.R. Apparently, it is true. It does make sense. People do feel lonely and depressed during the Holidays. 

Speaking of Holidays. This Easter Emily will be working so I wonder how we will fit in Easter Celebration Dinner in there. In my lifetime, I have missed many dinners, this will be her first one. 

Happy Easter Everyone. 


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