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                                                                  Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Now, Lord, what wait I for?
    On Thee alone
  My hope is all rested,--
    Lord, seal me Thine own!
  Only Thine own to be,
  Only to live to Thee.
        Thine, with each day begun,
        Thine, with each set of sun,
        Thine, till my work is done.

So what has been going on around here? Life has finally settled into a routine. Good heavens, I was looking for it to happen and it seemed to have taken a long time. Who's fault is that? All mine. That's what happens when we become so backed up, we're always trying to play catch up. Once time is lost, it is gone forever. 

This morning, the shades went up to allow the sunshine in and birds began to sing in happy unison. Two of our neighbors children played in the courtyard sending giggles upward into our living room. That's Spring for you. 

The sun has made a rare appearance this morning. The typical day around here has been overwhelmingly filled with downpour after downpour. Again, that's Spring for you.

Personally, I feel more energized, carefree and renewed. I have shaken off the gloomy Winter blues and I'm ready for Summer fun like vacation trips. Where should we go? What new place haven't we seen? Checking out the new neighborhood definitely on the agenda.

I don't know what Spring means to all of you. Is it a new beginning? A new blessing? A promise fulfilled? Or is it some more of the old? Whatever it may mean to you, you alone can change the forecast of your coming Summer Fun. 

This morning, I have done something I haven't in a very, very long time. I got up extremely early (before sunrise). I couldn't sleep last night. All this rainy and damp weather has my arthritis inflamed big time. Since that darn radiation (complaining again), it's not just my legs that I feel it in. It's in my hips, knees, ankles and my right hand. I'm right handed, it's very painful to do anything, especially crochet. I think I would cry if I couldn't crochet anymore. 

Off course once again. So I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned for majority of the night. I gave up right before 5 a.m. and decided I might as well start my day. Before the sun rose, I read some of my e-mails, did my bible study and wrote a blog post. All with a cup of coffee and a bagel. 

Good morning everyone. Hope you have a wonderful start to your day!


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