A Messy Avenue

                                         Everyday is a brand  new day, everyday is a journey.

There has been quite a mess out here on the avenue, bulldozer style. Every morning I awaken to the sounds of digging and drilling and clanging of the replacement of the sewer pipes. The massive machinery billowing great waves of dust that hangs in the atmosphere just below our windows. Thank goodness it is Fall and our windows are closed.
The streets are blocked and alleyways have become the new roadway as car after car searches for a way out amidst the construction chaos. Who ever thought there would be a traffic jam in an alley? Yet, it is all true and happening now on the avenue.
The atmosphere inside isn't any better. A shortage of parking due to this construction, and a  violation from the city inspector  over our dumping of garbage incorrectly has definitely set not only the residence on edge, but the landlord as well.
Yes, life on the avenue isn't quite the enjoyable picnic it has been at one point. Nevertheless, I still like all of them. I truly enjoy the people that are living here now. . . my neighbors.
Emily and I were just reflecting on how all the years we have lived here, they all have been spent under construction of one kind or another. If it isn't the street , then a remodel of an apartment in the building or the house across the street. Always hammering, drilling, pounding. It just never ends.

We definitely cannot wait for all of this chaos to end. It won't be long before the arrival of snow and all the construction work in our little Village doesn't look near completion. I'm worried about parking since I am coming home at night where everyone else is already settled for the night. Slim pickings, folks, slim pickings. Many a night I had to drive around in circles looking for a spot.

Here's hoping that Thanksgiving will bring some sort of end to this mess.

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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