When The Devil Knocks

                                                          Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                            everyday is a new journey.

We never know what kind of day it will turn out to be when we awaken each morning. We get up, have coffee and a small bite to eat. We get dressed and venture out into the world.

Somewhere along the way, the devil has his own plans for you  with a completely different agenda.

An appointment gets cancelled, one that you ended up cancelling something else to make room for it in the first place.

Construction, traffic, road blocks, street cleaning, tree trimming and even traffic signal repair block your every turn as you go about your errands or on your way to work, all at once.

At work, your swamped and behind while more work is piling up. The computer goes haywire and suddenly doesn't recognize your password. Everyone has a problem and you're their solution. A headache comes on.

In the midst of it all, I turn on the radio and sing along praising our Lord. You see, I cannot allow the devil in and steal all of my joy. Too many good things have happened in my life to become embittered with ungratefulness. I cannot let the devil win, because God is just too good to me. He's going to have to work extra hard to ruin my day before I give in that easily. Not today, folks. Not today.

What is your outlet? Is it music? A walk admiring the beautiful scenery? Maybe a good book to lose ourselves in? What is your outlet in preventing from answering that knock? Use that weapon! Don't let him take what you've worked for so long and hard.

It's Friday, the weekend is upon us. Let us enjoy and bask in God's Glory. Have a Blessed day everyone.


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