Forgiveness Monday

I'm not striving for perfection , I'm striving to be better . 

It's only been a little over a month since beginning a Monday series of inspirational stories and already I've messed up . It happened last week around Thursday before I realized that I didn't post a Monday story that week . 

Almost immediately , I felt disappointment towards myself and my lack of organizational skill . Messed up already ? Really ? 

Just as quickly , I forgave myself . 

Not too long ago , perfection ruled my life , but not anymore . I don't have a need to be perfect in all I do . I've learned to accept myself the way I really am . Isn't that what Jesus does with me ?

We spend so much time trying to achieve that impossible dream of becoming that super person who can do everything correctly . Two people were created long ago to reside in a perfect world and they still messed up . 

If we can forgive ourselves for the big things , why can't we do the same for the little things ? 

So we had a slice of cake when we should have been dieting .

So we were late when we should have been on time . 

So we overslept and missed church .

The world is full of instances similar to these . We will mess up , so start forgiving yourself . Let's begin this new week not sweating the  the small stuff , just strive to be better , not perfect . Imagine how much better our week will be . 

Have a Blessed Labor Day everyone . 


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