Joey Vs. Emily

I have two children , but I began my reign as a Mother with four . I should say that I have two children now .Two of my sons died within three years of each other . One from S.I.D.S. at the age of almost five months ( sudden infant death syndrome ) and the other of complications from Spinal Bifida at age one month . 

Joey and Emily were born as interlopers between the other two . Joey as a first born and Emily as my third . Never have siblings been so much different in appearance , yet similar in character . The latter they will never admit . 

They have used me like a yoyo between them  since they first laid eyes on each other . A tug of war played out as they both demanded that I choose which one I loved the most . Always rivals , always         competitive . 

Their appearance very different from each other ,  like day and night . A blond and a brunette , both with blue eyes  and tall in height . He's friendly in nature and she quite the opposite , only friendly to some . 

Yet , speak with them on a deeper level regarding faith , love , politics etc. and you can see their unity . This is where one can see they had the same upbringing , the same parent . Ask them separately , a question on marriage or children , they will answer almost identically . 

Of course , they both claim to have been left on the doorstep or adopted . Isn't that how all children feel  ? 

They have spent their childhood fighting terribly with one another and I spent it on my knees praying they would get along . Just as I finally began accepting the fact that it may never happen , I was pleasantly surprised while in the hospital in my early years of my cancer . 

They walked in together , arms linked , holding a picture of them with arms around one  other . Pressing that picture into my hands , their faces gleaming as if really proud of themselves . 

" We spent the whole morning together at the mall and even took a picture in a photo booth " . 

They must have thought I was dying .

 Have a Blessed day everyone .


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