Some Days

Some days are just harder than most . Some days , we want to stay in bed and block reality from ever entering into our safe haven . . . our beds . Today , certainly was one of those days . 

It seems that another weekend went by in such a flash that I missed it entirely . Didn't we just come home from work on Friday exhausted , but excited for the time off ? What happened ? Where did it go ? 

The busyness of life happened . 

By the time all the outside errands are done , friends and family events celebrated , we return home to more chores . Cleaning , laundry , supper , bills . . . . when does it end ? We fall tired into our beds at night only to be awakened to do it all over again the next morning .

Friends , I'm tired . 

My left leg has been bothering me terribly , making walking difficult . I haven't been able to kneel without discomfort for what seems like years . The area around my knee has been swollen , aching with each drop in temperature . I think it's time to make those doctor appointments , something I have been dreading . 

My last appointment was in late April , my Oncologist happy with the test results , gave me the thumbs up for a great summer vacay from treatment . I took advantage and played hookie not only from doctors , but also from work . 

Alas , the time has come . I can feel every joint , every aching bone in my body . I am aging , almost fifty years of age in a few months  . 

When I think of my schedule for the coming week , my body cringes in response . All this upcoming activity , can I physically handle it ? At this point today ? No .

Some days are just plain hard . Today was one of those days . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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