Who Me ?

I'm glad they've been heartened by my example , but I've had a great deal of difficulty accepting myself as a source of inspiration and courage . I don't know how to cope with their admiration  and praise , because  I didn't do anything .
Excerpt from 90 Minutes in Heaven .

I can remember when Joey mentioned me on his radio program for the first time , announcing my cancer . It set off an interest that has always amazed me . The following Mother's Day , he made a CD of all the call-ins  that were made in reference to my well-being . 

Why ? Majority of his listeners were women and I had ovarian cancer . Women wanted to know , needed to know . It could have been any of them  . This curiosity regarding women's health has followed me all of these years wherever I go . It makes no difference if we are at work or in a hospital , fellow women approach me with various questions . 

I never thought that my journey could inspire or encourage anyone 
   else . After all , I've never professed myself as having all the right answers . I've struggled and continue to struggle in acceptance of the life that cancer has made for me . I didn't choose it , it chose me .

I'm always caught off guard whenever approached by someone who reads this blog . I seem to forget that people actually read it . It has become a therapeutic journal of my daily life . I share my thoughts , my struggles and my beliefs , laying them open for everyone to see . 

The same goes for my Crocheting Ministry . This is a passion , a love story of sorts , that provides so much joy within my heart .  How can this be a selfless act ? It can't , it gives me too much pleasure . 

I guess we go through struggles so we can share and help others to feel they are not alone . It is normal to cry , to have a pity party and even be angry . I did all three just in these past two weeks . 

As women , we need to encourage each other instead of tearing each other apart . There's too much of that out there . So am I an         inspiration ? I certainly hope so , but so are you . We all have that within us . How we behave affects others . It can be good or it can be bad . Let's make it good . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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