Throwback Thursday

Oh , the memories of those days ! I remember the FMLA paperwork very well , especially when I might have to use it again . I honestly believe they make it difficult so one becomes frustrated and comes back to work regardless if they are ready or not .

Today , I feel , is another quiet day . I wish I could spend it at home , but alas , works calls my name . Cool weather is here and this morning I actually heard the geese flying past . I am ready for the Season to change . Oh , how I wish I could hibernate like the animals !

I'm Falling Off The Wagon

     Discouragement hangs over me like a black cloud  creeping closer and closer . I'm falling off the wagon today . Spent the morning reading old notes from Sundays Past . Message after message trying to encourage my discouraging heart . Everything lies in His hands . You think I would be upset with my illness but instead I'm upset with the paperwork . Who has time to worry about that when I have all this red tape to untangle .
  One of my favorite verses in the Bible says ," Be still and know that I am God ". There is nothing more that I can do . A quiet day , today , spent reading my devotionals . Here is a poem I found....

GOD'S PLAN by:Kathleen Lyons
 as I travel on my journey
living life from day to day
I see the joy in GOD'S plan
and give thanks when I pray
but when the road gets rough
and my troubles seem to stay
I forget that GOD has a plan
and I search for my own way
I try to chart my own course
never knowing which way to turn
all the time I waste on worry
if only I would learn
for when my troubles pass
I can always see
it was all part of GOD'S plan
and never up to me

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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