Heaven On Earth

This morning I had a most beautiful worship time with God . A worship where one forgets where they are  or with whom . It was just the two of us .
This morning , God came to spend time with me . To sit beside me . To hold my hand as I shared my love for Him .
He loved me . He held me . He listened .
An Earthy Scene
by:Helen Motti
lets take a walk each day with God
for nature heals each weary heart
observe its beauty all around
God's masterpiece
his blessed art
behold the light at break of day
that brushes clouds with fiery hue
and hear the lilt of sweet bird song
that wakens flowers to life anew
the majesty each season shows
while splendid in such different ways
is given with Gods timeless love
for us to sharefor all our days
Have a Blessed day everyone .
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