Question & Answer

Not all questions were regarding me .

1. How is your family reacting to your cancer ?
    My family has come a long way regarding my cancer . In the beginning , it was a traumatic shock for everyone . I have always been viewed as a strong individual health-wise . This turn of events certainly threw them for a loop .
   At first , I depended on them heavily for both physical and mental strength . As the years passed , all of us adjusted to my disease , except my mom . It has been especially hard on her .

2. How are your children handling your cancer ?
    Both of them reacted differently , yet the same . For my son , who always has been more emotional with his feelings , it was devastating . My daughter , on the other hand , kept her feelings more hidden and reacted in other ways .
    It has brought us even closer and we enjoy the time we have . Many people are surprised by how well we get along , but we recognize that our time is limited .

3. What has been the most difficult for your children ?
   I believe it was and still is , seeing me bald . They turn away and refuse to see me in that way . I think it reminds too much of the " victim " side of cancer . It brings it too close to home .

4. Did you think you would die ?
      Absolutely ! I wasn't the only one who thought that . In the beginning when I looked so bad , people I worked with  and even my own family members , thought I was done for . I barely weighed in at hundred pounds . It's only normal .

Well , I hope that answers some of your questions . Until next time , same place , same journey .

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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