In Servitude

Servitude :
The condition of being forced to work for others . 

When I first read the definition of servitude  , I was a little shocked . I never felt like serving was something associated with being forced . Perhaps , I need to ask a question :

Why do we serve ? 

Some will say they serve to help others .  People serve because it's biblical  and we are told to serve as Christians . There is a need to avenge our guilty and sinful natures that serving atones . Serving has a way of making us feel better about ourselves . There are a few who are just plain passionate about their ministries . 

The more I thought about that definition the more I realized that it could become fact . I believe we all have a natural desire to help , even  if that thought is fleeting . That feeling is genuine and coming from our hearts . So what happens when we change our minds and don't show up ?

What happens is that life intervenes . The day of our serving comes and we don't want to get out of bed . Perhaps this is the only day we have to ourselves , a morning  where we can sleep in . Or we aren't feeling well or we had an argument and the happy feeling is gone . Suddenly , serving is the last thing we want to do . 

Serving can quickly turn into something forced if we place it on the 
bottom  .  A squeezed in addition to our already full schedule . How can we enjoy serving if we keep glancing at our watch , because it has become a timed event on our " to do " list . 

To me , serving is a sacrifice , because time is a precious commodity . I am giving up something precious to me , to show Jesus how much I love Him and what He stands for . This is how I view serving . 

This is why it's important that we choose the area we want to serve in very wisely . Does it fit in with what I want to represent as a Christian ? Am I passionate about that ministry work ? How will this change my life ? And me ? 

I was near death seven years ago and Jesus saved my life for a purpose . I knew it , I felt it and I decided to do something about it . I am very passionate about my ministries to the point of over- zealousness . 

When a ministry becomes more of a forced feeling and we lose that desire , we need to move on . No one will be able to benefit from such feelings . We need to ask ourselves frequently why we serve , to examine our hearts , because our serving attitudes can change . 

Every Sunday , Emily serves in one of her three ministries she enjoys . I already know that for the next two hours or so , I will listen to her adventures , as she animatedly describes her morning at Church . When she has a particularly difficult or challenging morning , I always remark , that maybe she needs to take a break  next Sunday . I get the usual response :

" What ?! But I love it ! " 

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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