Waiting For The Storm

It's been hot and humid for two whole days now . The window curtains have been drawn to keep out the burning sun  and keeping the place cooler .

As the morning progressed , it seemed to be getting darker and darker , needing to turn on the lamp . Pulling the curtain aside , I glanced outside the window to see trees swaying mightily and huge black clouds covering the sky . A storm was coming .

Finally ! I've been waiting these past few days for the storm to break . The atmosphere becoming heavier with each passing day . I've been waiting for the cleansing of a good thunder clapping , lightening streaming storm to refresh all of us .

We all need a good storm in our lives .

Yesterday , on my way to work , as I listened to my music , I was overcome by my feelings and I cried . No particular reason , just overcome by the power of the lyrics . I felt every word as if I spoke it , wrote it straight from my heart . Do I need a reason for the cleansing of a good cry ?

We all need a good cry to wash our eyes clear again .

Not all storms are bad nor are all tears bad . Whether we want it or not , sometimes , that is exactly what we need to see clearly again or begin anew . There is always a rainbow after a storm .

Have a Blessed day everyone .

                            Picture by Jeanne Duggan


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