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My main focus this year has been on two of my passions : This blog and my crocheting ministry . I wanted to go a step farther with each one . What is that next step  ?

I'm not exactly sure . I started off with a bang , re-aligning my priorities and fresh ideas on the agenda . I had high hopes for both of my ministries since a new chapter opened in my life  with a new position and a shift schedule change . Yet , the level I was hoping for really didn't happen . 

Yes , there have been many changes for the better in regards to my crocheting ministry : 
1. more donations have been made 
2. new members have joined and some have left 
3. a theme was added to every meeting whether that meant learning to sew or a visit to a senior center .
4. donations of yarn poured in from all over

The one that suffered , I believe ,  has been this blog :
1. not posting daily 
2. limited time  available 
3. there was an increase of viewers , though .
4. writing not up to par 

I think I have two big problems : not enough time and I'm too passionate . 

What I lose during the week is time . I may get up in the morning early , but I leave after 1 p.m. That does not provide enough time to do
 anything . A story of any kind may take up to a couple of hours . I actually have at least six or seven stories started  sitting in a file , waiting for a middle or an end .

How can being passionate be a downfall ? When you're the only one and no one else shares that passion . I have been told on numerous occasions that I need to slow that passion  down , because people have lives and I'm stressing them out . In another words , I'm a pest . 

So  for now , I'm trying desperately to put  a lid on some of 
these passions . For my crocheting , we  are taking a hiatus from our monthly meetings for two months , but still working at home . For this
 blog , I rather write once a week and provide a great blog than a hastily written one . 

The next level will come soon enough . There are so many things in my head just waiting to burst forth  . Let's take it one step at a time . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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