Simply Exercise

Yes , you read it right . That awful word exercise has entered my life . I have written many times on working out and my feelings regarding it , so I'm sure all of you are surprised .

The fact is , I had blood work done on my sugar , cholesterol etc. and although results show I may not have any of the above , I'm pretty close . Close enough to where I actually sat up and took notice . 

I totally detest working out . I have done the bit at the gym in the past . I have made myself clear on that subject . Yuck !

Then I had a memory flash from the past when I gave birth to my last 
child . I gained quite a bit of weight . I exercised every single day during the children's nap times for almost a year to lose that baby fat , but it came off . 

Now . . . I'm not looking to lose all these pounds or anything like that . My main goal is to lower the levels of my sugar , cholesterol etc . That is all . 

I'm not jumping around doing kick-boxing , I don't think I can lift my leg that high anyway . A few times a week for 30 minutes or so , some DVD's from Netflix . Emily and I also love to take walks and you know she is my trainer . 

Just to think that I had to result to this level . Lord , help me . Below , some more menu ideas .

1. Monday
Cappellacci pasta in tomato sauce with grilled onions and green bell peppers
2. Tuesday
Homemade vegetable pizza
3. Wednesday
onion and cheese quiche on a homemade crust
4. Thursday
spaghetti with okra
basic green salad with vinaigrette
5. Friday
whole potatoes in grilled onion
hardboiled egg , tomato , pickle in wedges on a bed of lettuce in vinaigrette
glass of buttermilk
6. Saturday
herbed mashed potato with sour cream
roasted whole tomatoes
garden salad
7. Sunday
FRUIT salad in orange /lemon juice .

Have a Blessed day everyone .


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