Throwback Thursday

Music has always been my saving Grace in times of struggle and pain . On this Throwback Thursday , I remember this story with a somber feeling of peace . Back then , many of my entries dealt with music as I was laid up in the hospital or my bed at home in pain . I wore out my CD's to where they skipped and were not playable , but those CD's got me through a very rough patch in my life .

Finding Solace

 The last two days have been very trying. My chemo has always hit me hard on the 2nd or 3rd day the worst . It has entered my joints and legs.Very difficult moving around.I can feel every nerve , every ache, every joint . This weather is not helping either .
  There is a benefit to going thru this the second time.You know what to expect and prepare yourself for it  both mentally and physically . I pull out all the tricks I learned the first time around .Last night was real hard and sleep didn't come easy . I benefited from a therapist 4 yrs ago who taught me breathing exercises , laying down in the dark with music  breathing in and out slowly . This has always worked for me.The music choice for me then and now has always been Christian. I can find no other that can lift my spirit or exclaim my feelings the way Worship music does . I recommend everyone try it but on a quieter level....softly playing.It helps so much with the pain .
  But there is one solace that has helped me tremendously and that's my Women's Group .The Fellowship I get from these women , who range from all ages , is priceless . They lift me up when I'm down .They advise me when I feel like I don't know what to do next . They encourage me  and they hold me accountable . I know for a fact , that last night they all prayed for me . There is nothing that they wouldn't do for me and I for them .
  Tonight , as I made my way to that feet aching and tired as I was, I knew that even for a little while they would make me forget . We would laugh , cry and be serious .....and I could forget my pain even for awhile.Women need other women .We need to be role models for each other. We find solace in each other.
 It was Erma Bombeck that said once when asked for advice by a newlwed young woman to a successful marriage ,"Get yourself lots of girlfriends." Me ? I would add,"and join a women group."


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