Never Say Never

As a young woman , I have made numerous personal declarations of wisdom concerning my own life . They usually have begun with the phrase : I never . . . . . 

There have been other bold statements made from me  that have began the same way and have had the same conclusion . I never usually means you will be put to that test  you claim never to do 

Back in 2007 , when I was well under 100 lbs. , I proclaimed to never complain of gaining weight again . We know how that ended as I sit here overweight and complaining . 

In my younger days , I frequently made promises of never living my life with regrets . Now I question all these wise decisions I have made , some with regret . 

Emily is constantly reminding me about that word never and how I need to stop saying it since I  end up having to take it back . So why do we say it ? 

We use it to express our convictions toward any particular thing . The problem with that is we change periodically adjusting ourselves to the seasons of our lives . 

I can remember a time when I used every kind of makeup and had long painted red nails . Now all I need is lip gloss and mascara and I'm ready to go . 

There was a time when I worked twelve hour days , so consumed with making more and more money . It was never enough . Now I can barely make it through the eight hours . 

At one time , I thought I would live well into my nineties as have all of my female ancestors . Now , I will be lucky if I live to see fifty .

Things change , my friends , and so does our outlook on life . Things that I thought I would never put up with , are not important any longer . My priorities are shifted dramatically and whenever my lips utter that phrase . . . . well , I stop in mid sentence and rephrase it . You never know when those words can come back to be thrown back at you , haunting your mind with guilt and regret . 

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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