Fill Me Up

God fills us up so we can pour out .
Holley Gerth

Do I encourage other women ? 

I've asked myself this question numerous times this past weekend . I write about encouragement  : I speak about encouragement , but do I encourage ? 

Sometimes , we just don't see ourselves . A look in the mirror is required . So from time to time , I check myself . 

Do I encourage other women ?

Last night , I attended my first class of Financial Peace University  and as usual , the minute we broke into groups , I became paralyzed with fear . I didn't want to expose my innermost feelings and share with people I really do not know . I did not want them to know anything personal about me . 

In my own head I held a great conversation , I answered and participated . Great stuff ! Why couldn't I open up and voice it ? Why was I so afraid to let someone in ? All because of the past . 

I honestly believe , our past tries to hinder our soul , so we do not get filled up and pass it on to someone else who may need  it . We envelope our hearts within a protective layering of skin .  Only slowly do we peel away the layers , showing bits and pieces at a time . Have you ever tried to peel an onion without making
 a mess ? 

So I ask again , do I encourage people ? On paper , yes . Face to face , where it matters , I run . So there we have it and what do I do with that proclamation ? You try to change yourself .

Have a Blessed day everyone . 


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